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I’m Hungry

Good Thing I'm Not A "Breakfast Skipper" Or This Could Be A Rough Day Nah, I always eat the most early in the day anyway, so being hungry is expected. Having my stomach gurgling like a flooding riverbank is another story. Sometimes when I wake this hungry,...

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Let’s Talk About Hunger

Why Am I So Hungry Today? Yesterday I felt hungry all day. I decided it was because I felt trapped. I didn't have a choice about what or where to eat - I couldn't leave my house because there were a few inches of ice literally on everything outside , so I did what any...

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What Have You Eaten Today?

It's 11:51 AM and so far today I've eaten... ... a huge bowl of granola cereal with a cup or more of non-fat milk at 7:15 AM. Around 10:00 I had a small banana, which didn't seem to do a lot, so I added a medium apple about 10:20. Now, I've just finished a low-fat...

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