I’m Hungry

Good Thing I’m Not A “Breakfast Skipper” Or This Could Be A Rough Day

Nah, I always eat the most early in the day anyway, so being hungry is expected. Having my stomach gurgling like a flooding riverbank is another story.

Sometimes when I wake this hungry, it’s as if nothing I eat will satisfy me. I’ll have my usual cereal (I nearly always have cereal and milk for breakfast), then I’ll start eating fruit, then I’ll have more fruit or a yogurt with Grapenuts, then maybe soup, then a bagel perhaps? Then …

I eat like this sometimes all morning, and usually by early afternoon I find I’m okay – I lived through another huge appetite morning. When you feel like you’re starving, even though you know you are not, eat real food. Fresh, wholesome food, not fake fat, not denatured crap, but fresh food. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans? Anyone eating beans? I love beans, soups, stews. This time of year a hearty soup with a big piece of heavy (I mean heavy in your hand) whole grain bread is so satisfying.

I don’t mean to make you hungry – I apologize. I tend to get carried away talking about food, I do love it so.

Learning Hunger Is A Signal From Your Body To Eat

Feed yourself well, and the signal will stop. Feed yourself poorly and the signal just keeps coming. Also, a huge tip? Drink water. As soon as your stomach starts gurgling or doing whatever dance it does, go get a glass of water and start sipping. Give yourself five or ten minutes from the first hunger pangs to finish drinking a nice glass of water. After 10 minutes, if you still feel hungry, get something to eat, but often you’ll find either you forget you were hungry entirely (I get busy and forget) or you’ll not feel anywhere near the powerful urge to gorge, just mild hunger.

Hunger Is Not A Disease

Do not fear hunger. Embrace hunger. Sit with it. Nurture it. Live it. It’s okay – you’re okay. Take a deep breath and say, “Even though I’m afraid of being hungry, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway,” let the air back out, and relax.

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