Elimination Diet – Could Food Allergy be Keeping you Fat?

Could it be an Allergy?

Do you suffer when you eat? Do you experience gas, bloating, or any unusual symptoms after eating. Do you seem to crave the very foods that cause these problems? You may have an allergy or food sensitivity.

Recently I was asked about an elimination diet so I went looking for resources. I found what I think is the best site on the net which not only covers this subject but can help you detect if food sensitivity or allergy may be part of why you can’t seem to lose weight. The site is called FoodIntol.com. Register (no obligation) and you can access The Symptoms Matrix. Join The Tuesday Club (for a very low annual fee) and you have access for an entire year to all the resources you’ll need including daily journals, the 9-day diet trial, the 35-day detection diet, and the Compleat Guides to Yeast-free, Daily-free, Gluten-free, Wheat-free (not the same as gluten free), and Fructose-free.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

There is also references in The Food Sensitive Life, and The Recipe Collection including yeast-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, fructose-free and gluten-free recipes.

One membership entitles your entire family to keep journals. I have no association with this site (unfortunately), but I genuinely believe it is the best resource for detecting unknown food sensitivities.

If your doctor suggests you may have food sensitivities, intolerance, or allergies, he’ll first suggest a battery of expensive tests. If those tests come back with positive results, then your doctor will suggest (drum roll please) an elimination diet. Save yourself the trouble and try FoodIntol.com first. By completing your own elimination diet you then will be able to easily proceed into the maze of what to eat when you have food sensitivities.

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Overweight and Heartburn – Natural Treatment for GERD

Is There a Simple Treatment for GERD and Sleep Apnea?

It’s well known that being as little as 20 pounds overweight increases gastrointestinal disorders including GERD and sleep apnea. What is not well known is that a simple treatment is available.

My husband (ex now) at 30 pounds overweight suffered from sleep apnea and GERD. He finally was becoming so exhausted from lack of sleep that he visited his doctor who promptly prescribed Prilosec. I didn’t like the idea of a monthly prescription that was going to cost over $100 (Prilosec is now sold OTC (over the counter) so insurance doesn’t help pay the expense), so I wanted to find an alternative. What I found astounded me.

I have long received a magazine called Life Enhancement and remembered seeing something in there about GERD and H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) so I went to find that information again and there it was. A simple, inexpensive remedy called Bye-Lori. I immediately ordered some for him. He had been taking Prilosec for several months, but after one bottle of Bye-Lori he never again refilled the Prilosec prescription. He also lost 30 pounds without struggle after having carried the extra weight for several years.

Did I mention the best benefit of all? He no longer snores! He used to sound like a fog horn and keep me awake half the night.

Most doctors will prescribe drug therapy for GERD (and anything else) at a high cost to your pocketbook. In some cases merely losing 20 pounds can eliminate the problem, but meanwhile drugs such as Prilosec offer relief at a cost of over $120 a month:

Brand name Prilosec, .20mg, 28 caps, $124.95
Generic Prilosec, 20mg, 56 caps, Only $77.90

An alternative known as Bye-Lori is just $31.49 per month. Bye-Lori by Life-Enhancement can not only help, it can eliminate the bacteria.

H. Pylori and Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Weight loss surgery (WLS) candidates have a high incidence of H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) infection. As the complication rate from WLS is so high (some estimates are as high as 1 death in 50, others 1 death in 1000) wouldn’t it make sense to give yourself every chance at a healthy intestinal system?

If you or someone you know takes remedies for their acid reflux, GERD or other disorder, send them to Life-Enhancement.com.

BTW, I am not affiliated with Life-Enhancement.com but I do use their products and think they are a top-notch organization. I’ve received their newsletter for many years.

Food Allergies May be Keeping you Fat

Do you sometimes feel bloated or gassy after eating? It could be you are sensitive to some of the foods you are eating. Find out if food allergies are causing your pain with an elimination diet.

What is an Elimination Diet?

An elimination diet is often recommended if you suspect or have been told you have food allergies. Basically it is following from two to four weeks on a very strict, very limited diet, and then slowly reintroducing specific foods. This way you can track your symptoms and determine which foods cause you trouble.

Allergy Tests

If you can beg, borrow or steal, get the money together for a comprehensive allergy test and save yourself a month of trouble. You can order these yourself (they do not have to be ordered through a doctor). You’ll receive a kit with complete instructions. Return the kit and you’ll get a comprehensive report on any foods you either are allergic to or have a sensitivity to. Then the fun begins, but it’s not as hard as it seems.

Living Without magazine is your first resource. This magazine is amazing, with articles written by people just like you who’ve tackled the difficulties of avoiding common allergens.

Against the Grain is one book I highly recommend. Read it and weap. Wheat is the surprise ingredient in just about every condiment and pre-mixed packet you can find (except of course those made specifically without wheat). It’s added as an inexpensive thickener. Once you learn what foods cause you trouble the money you’ll save in doctor’s visits will more than pay for any special foods you’ll now be eating. You’ll feel so great too, you’ll almost forget you ever had a sensitivity.

Check my list of resources for allergy free foods, books and more including mixes for cakes and other goodies. In many cases you’ll find it much easier to lose weight too, if you eliminate foods that cause you gas and cramping.

Losing Weight Before Weight Loss Surgery

Obese Man Loses More Than 370 Pounds

It’s becoming more common for the severely obese to have to lose weight to become candidates for weight loss surgery.

This presents a dilemma in that to quality for the surgery you must demonstrate that you have tried and failed to lose weight via conventional means, yet if you are too heavy, you are required to LOSE WEIGHT before having the surgery.

Patrick Deuel who started at 1,072 pounds is currently on target for weight loss surgery having recently lost more than 370 pounds. How’d he do it? He’s an in-patient in a Sioux Falls hospital, eating only what he’s given, and at 1,200 calories basically being given a starvation diet. In Deuel’s case I’d say this is probably about all he can do to save his life, and therefore is justified.

Sometimes a liquid diet, or a diet that supplements liquid nutritional drinks (such as Carbs Away Shake) with some whole foods is a great way to get started, especially if you have more than 100 pounds to lose.

Weight Loss Surgery- Is it Best Choice for You?

So much in the news lately about weight loss surgery. The risks are downplayed while the celebrities who had a good result are paraded around like it’s easy. After all, what could be simpler?

Consider the facts: You will not be able to eat even a quarter of the quantity you now eat. “That’s okay,” they say. Are you kidding? Do you have any idea what that means?

If you’re a person who has difficulty limiting the amount of food you eat, just because you will now experience discomfort or a little nausea, what’s that compared to the fun you’ll have figuring out ways to circumvent the limitations of a tiny stomach?

You have to ask yourself, why you are simply unable to reduce the quantity you eat now, without surgery? Do you need something outside yourself to force you into submission? I think that is the “getting cracked over the skull approach to weight loss” and it seems a little drastic.

Do Mental Surgery First

Try it on for size. Be sure what you say you want, is what you want.

Wake up tomorrow morning and experience the world post-surgery (in your mind). You are hungry, but once you start to eat you nearly instantly feel full, because your stomach is teeny-tiny. To live with this you’ll need to give yourself much smaller portions, and you’ll have to be satisfied

with a meal that takes about two minutes to eat. If you use toothpicks as utensils, it might help prolong the experience but otherwise, you’ll be giving up eating as an enjoyable part of your day. Get used to it.

The people who end up with a good result from weight loss surgery are those that are able to mentally get over eating as their favorite activity. All the others, and there are thousands, simply return to their pre-surgery weight within two years – much the same result as any weight loss program.