Food Porn: Not Your Daddy’s Banana Bunker

Gotta love the Banana Bunker. This nifty gadget has all the earmarks of porn, but it’s functional. All kidding aside, the Banana Bunker allows you to take the King of Fruits wherever you go with no worries about crushing, mushing, or generally making a mess. Banana Bunker
I’m talking about bananas. Now you can carry one in your bag, keep it in the car (of course it’ll ripen fast if it’s warm), even toss one in your briefcase. Going camping? Got bananas? The Banana Bunker completely protects your banana in a hard plastic sleeve resembling a … well, picture a banana and you’ll get the idea.

If you can keep people from laughing and telling bad jokes, this is a real weiner, er, winner. I got one in every color.

For weight loss, carrying a piece or two of fruit for those “I’m starting to get hungry but it’s two hours until dinner” times is a great way to get more nutrition, and stave off the cookie grab. Nature made fruit sweet for a reason.

I use my Banana Bunker. It works and they always get a laugh so it’s two-for-one.

Perfectly Sweet Winter Sale

The 2007 Winter Sale at Perfectly Sweet is in progress. Now through February, although they say quantities are limited, so they may run out on certain items.

Perfectly Sweet is a business born of necessity. The owner’s father had Type II Diabetes and something had to be done. Today they sell only sugar free or “no sugar added” products.

Wishbone Salad Spray: Say it Don’t Spray It

Have you tried putting oil based things into spray bottles? Usually they clog and it doesn’t work, but apparently Wishbone has figured out how to get salad dressing into a spray bottle, so for my money the price of entry (under $3) is worth it for the bottle alone!

We’d all benefit by cutting back on salad dressing. It tastes great but don’t forget, you want to experience the greens too, right? I make an effort to use as little as possible but I’ll admit it’s not always easy. Especially with Paul Newman’s Caesar. I love that stuff.

Whenever I find a container that makes sense it launches me into a full-scale attack on all the drug stores trying to find something similar. This works well for suntan oil too, but no one bakes in the sun anymore, do they? 😉

Weight Loss Drops for Idiots

This takes the cake: Weight loss drops! Yeah, sure. If it’s not bad enough that products rarely contain enough ingredient for any effect, imagine if they dilute the ingredients even further? Add water, and voila! New amazing weight loss product.

For research I went to Google to search for weight loss drops. The first site I visited had this odd cow logo that at first glance I thought said, “Previously E-Coli.” That would help with weight loss for sure! I didn’t check to see what exactly was the “cow diet” but I can guess.

Remember, if you didn’t hear it on the news, it’s not going to be a real wonderful, magical weight loss pill, potion or otherwise. If they ever develop some weight loss pill that really works, you can be pretty sure everyone will hear about it — it won’t just be the brief blurb you find somewhere on the Internet.

Z-Trim – Saves Fat Gives Fiber

There are many things you can do to reduce the fat content in foods.

Replacing some of the oil with applesauce is one. Z-Trim is a fiber product, derived from the hulls of corn, oats, soy, rice and barley. It starts as a powder and when mixed with water turns into a creamy texture that can then be used in foods to replace some of the oil or other fat.

Now, at first glance this may not sound like such a yummy thing, but keep an open mind. This is a good idea, not to mention that it allows you to get more fiber in your diet. If you regularly eat grains, fruits, and vegetables, you may get enough fiber already, but otherwise, forget it. I’m taking Bios Life Complete two or more times a day for exactly that reason (plus it reduces cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar) but it’s not meant for cooking.

Z-trim is being marketed primarily to big food manufacturers, but us little folk can try it too.

Luckily the good folks at Z-Trim provided this handy conversion chart of how much Z-trim to use in a recipe so you can experiment.

Their website states, “Z-Trim lets you to eat more of the foods you love without fear of weight gain and allows you to lose weight without giving up the foods you love.” Okay, now here’s where their advice goes all wrong. Don’t ever think you can eat MORE just because you’ve reduced fat or calories or whatnot. That thinking is why people don’t lose weight from calorie reduced products.

Don’t eat more. Just eat the same amount you’d have eaten regularly and then the reduced calories or fat (or both) will be to your benefit. Out of an abundance of paranoia, I saved a PDF version of Z-Trim’s conversion page