Celebrity Diet Advice: Not Always Smart

Are You Hungry?

Here’s something I read yesterday that got my blood boiling. It’s supposedly diet advice, but I’d say it’s more of the same nonsense we’re fed in our daily “Celebrity Advice” diet.

“You eat when you’re hungry, and you can eat often,” Paula Zahn disclosed, saying she eats five or six small high-protein “meals” a day.” Here’s the stupid part: “On this plan, my energy levels are so stable … and I never feel hungry.”

Excuse me? First she says you eat when you’re hungry, and she eats five or six times a day. In the next instant she says, you’ll NEVER feel hungry. No wonder people are so afraid of hunger when celebrities and other so called “experts” claim you can eliminate the pesky hunger problem, just by following their diet.

Hunger is Healthy

For once and for all, hunger is a healthy aspect of daily life. Without hunger we would all whither and die. Have you ever truly lost your appetite? Not a lessened desire or “you’re not hungry but you could eat” hunger, but a true loss entirely? Without appetite the thought of food is repulsive; you not only don’t want to eat, you probably couldn’t eat, unless you were forced. That is the situation faced by those under extreme illness conditions and isn’t something I’d wish on anyone.

Since most diet plans are so restrictive, especially compared to what we normally eat, it’s no wonder we become fearful of our hunger pangs. (Please note the word is pangs, not pains). Case in point, The TWA Stewardess Diet which allows you half a grapefruit for breakfast. Talk about hungry!

Starting today, let’s eliminate the the notion that hunger is the enemy. One thing that helps enormously is to feed yourself well. Eat wholesome food more often – you’d be surprised how well it works!

EFT for Hunger, Fear, Loss of Control

Setup: “Even though I’m afraid of my hunger, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though my hunger is so great I’ll consume everything, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I can’t control my hunger, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Round 1: This hunger thing

Round 2: This remaining hunger thing

It only takes a minute, do as many rounds as are necessary to bring your SUD level to a 2 or lower.

What’s EFT? What’s a SUD level? Read One More Bite’s Intro to EFT for Weight Loss materials. It’s very easy to learn and even easier to use.

Some people stop using EFT because it seems too easy, or they are actually getting a good result but then something stops them from continuing. What do you think could be the problem? More issues perhaps? Exactly! When you find yourself thinking, “Oh, I don’t need to do this,” or “This is silly,” or “This is a waste of time, I’ll never…” that’s a perfect opportunity to use EFT on your limiting beliefs.

Do a round of EFT every time you catch yourself in a negative frame of mind and you’ll see the pounds slipping away.

Read about Infamous Hollywood Diets at Shape magazine. Great article!