Organic Foods Too Expensive? Not If You Know Where To Shop

Think Organic Foods are Too Expensive! Maybe until now

What if you could buy the same organic foods you do now but save 10 to 50%?

Announcing the first, online organic and natural foods buying club: Green PolkaDot Box. You’ll save money and enjoy the convenience of shopping at home (helping to save fuel costs too). During pre-launch you will receive bonuses and rewards just for registering early (later you’d need to refer up to 20 new members to receive the same bonuses).

This is not a box store, and you don’t have to buy in huge quantities like Costco. You pay an annual membership fee (like Costco) then shop online and food is delivered to your door. Order $150 or more and shipping is free, otherwise pay the low set shipping fee (not crazy like some online merchants either).

Get in on the launch. I can offer Associate Memberships with even more rewards but you must pre-register at GreenPolkaDot Box soon.

See 11 Ways to Save Money on Organic Food. They don’t know about Green PolkaDot Box, but if they did you’d see 12 ways.

Why Food You Don’t Eat Hurts the Planet

Stop Wasting Leftovers and Help the Planet

Just when we thought it was safe to toss our moldy leftovers, out comes a study saying food waste (and excessive shopping) contributes to environmental decline. Found at British Environment Minister Joan Ruddock suggests Brits do their part and stop wasting food! Leftovers are yummy, says Roddock. (Okay, I made that up–OneMoreBite).

You know some people do not like leftovers! They insist on perfectly new food at every sitting. Who are these people? Personally I love nothing better than finding ready-to-eat food waiting when the hungries strike. I enjoyed the rest of the steak I didn’t eat last night today for lunch and was that a treat!

Love Food Hate Waste

The “Love Food Hate Waste” program aims to help reduce the tossing out of perfectly good food with ideas for

  • Do you cook too much
  • Meal making and food facts
  • Top chefs take on leftovers
  • Keep it fresh and eat at its best
  • Why cutting food waste matters

Use the Add Your Voice link and tell everyone what you think.

Reduce Your Waistline While You Reduce Food Waste

It makes sense that if you plan ahead, stop all those quickie trips for fast food and get back to some real home cooking (not take-out eaten at home, but food actually prepared at home) you’ll lose weight in the process. It’s time we all stopped wasting so much food, not to mention money, and ate more responsibly.

Fresh Fruit Vegetable Seasons

Know your area’s Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Seasons

Know your local seasons! If you want to eat more fresh, local produce then get to know the local growing seasons in your area. I live in the Pacific Northwest so here we have:

Local Grow Season Fresh Produce
May/June (late) Strawberries
June/July (mid) Raspberries
June/July (mid) Cherries
June (Mid) (mid) Blackberries
June/July (Late) Blueberries
June/July (Late) Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines
July/Aug (mid) Sweet Corn, Apples, Pears, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Squash, Cucumbers

Not a comprehensive list but you get the idea! Starting in May find those local growers. We also have the Vancouver Farmer’s Market which is fun just to walk around and see what’s being offered but a weekly visit guarantees you the best produce at the best prices.

Can’t Wait for the Appetizer? Eat the Menu

Chef Cantu's Edible MenuAn Edible Menu?

Apparently I’ve been asleep in a closet somewhere because everyone’s been talking about the edible menu and I’m only just finding out! Chef Homaru Cantu, chef/nerd-in-disguise at Moto restaurant in Chicago is doing more than thinking out of the box; he’s creating the box, as in his “cook at your table” fish plate. Cantu created an ink jet printer that uses organic, edible inks. Now I’ve tried rice paper long ago and wasn’t thrilled. I’m not sure I’d like a piece of melt-in-your-mouth paper that tasted like Kobe beef, but those paying $195 a plate for the 18-course taster menu must think it’s just “crazy man!”

What I’d love to see is Cantu’s “cheese snow,” made by spraying mozzarella dairy stock into liquid nitrogen, garnished with parsley oil. Never satisfied Cantu goes on to create deep fried cotton candy and, ick, hot dog ice cream. Sounds yucky, but hey, if a top chef says it’s good, I’d trust him, at least once.

Forget Toys! Now They’re Recalling Chocolate

Kraft gets slammed with a chocolate recall just in time for the 2007 holiday season. Kraft’s Premium White Chocolate the 6 oz sized box, apparently they’ve found salmonella. Yes, it lurks everywhere.

Keeping track of all these recalls isn’t easy, so get their email or RSS reports. It’s getting so we’ve got to wonder if anything is safe to eat any more.

Losing Weight with 100 Calorie Snack Packs

The New York Times printed a story in July, 2007, “In Small Packages, Fewer Calories More Profits” that you can portion out the full-sized bag yourself and saveĀ money, but who does that? We’re a nation of food and beverage guzzlers. With self discipline at an all time low, 100 calorie mini-packs are perfect. More importantly they’ll slowly train consumers to eat a more reasonable amount at snack time. I applaud the manufacturers for getting this one right.

Check this list of 100 -calorie snacks that actually keep you full and satisfied.