Blogger Sucks

Why I Moved to WordPress

Well, today’s the day. I’ve finally had it with Now I’ m having to move, by hand, all the posts from my old blog, since there’s no way to do it automatically if you’re not hosted on Blogspot. Fine.

Why am I moving? Suddenly you can’t even make a simple post without seeing the “Your publish is taking longer than expected. To continue waiting for it to finish” and you click and click and … nothing happens. I don’t know what went wrong but it seems Google’s dropping the ball on

Hopefully I’ll get it moved, find a great new template and all will be well with the world soon enough, but meanwhile, if you find a broken link, or just want to gripe, drop me a comment. 🙂

Drink Claims To Burn Calories

Drink That Burns Calories, ah But Does it Really?

The good folks at Coke-cola have dreamt up a doozy of a marketing idea: A drink that burns calories! Excellent. Ah, but wait …

Oops, small print. Here’s what they say about their new wonder product, “Studies have shown that when EGCG and caffeine are present at the levels comparable to that in three cans of Enviga, healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range can experience an average increase in calorie burning by 60 – 100 calories.”

Okay, why do I have a problem with this? Note they say you have to drink three cans of Enviga? Yikes, and for what? A lously 60 to 100 calories added burn. Yipee. Then, they also mention how they used “healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range,” not overweight subjects nor obese subjects but “healthy” and “lean” subjects? What gives with that?

Bethan Abra

Something isn’t quite right with this. Indeed, you can burn an extra 60 to 100 calories by getting up and moving around more, take a walk to the store or the post office, or jump on a bike now and then. If you have stairs in or near your home, walk up and down them several times. Voila! Instant increased calorie burn and it costs nothing.

Read about Coke’s new Enviga, a drink proven to increase calorie burn according to their press release.

Dumb Weight Loss Product: Anti-Eating Face Mask

I Bring You the Anti-Eating Face Mask!

In the words of Dave Barry, “I am not making this up.” Someone patented this device; a mask you wear on your face so you wont’ eat. Sheesh. Great plan. Probably the same team who thinks a chastity belt is a good idea. Why not just lock yourself in an empty room. That’d be effective too, and wouldn’t cost much. Hey, maybe someone should patent that?

The patent doesn’t mention what happens if you take the mask back off. Here’s a link to actual patent for the Anti-Eating Face Mask, if you’d like further details.

Weight Loss Gum: Chew Your Way Thin

A new wonder product in the world of weight loss! Weight loss chewing gum.

This is just about as good idea as the weight loss suckers I wrote about previously. If the gum numbed your mouth or contained cocaine, it might work, otherwise, forget it. There’s no way two pieces of gum is going to contain enough active ingredient, no matter what those ingredients may be, to have any effect whatsoever on your appetite.

Think it through, people. Can you get enough active product in a couple capsules of herbs? Usually, no. That’s why you either have to take several capsules or use a tincture or extract. You cannot reduce the ingredients to a miniscule amount and expect results.

I sort of like the cocaine gum idea though. They could call it Buzz Lipstick Weight Loss Gum. “The buzz makes you so chatty you forget all about eating.”

Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days and Other Diet Lies

I just visited a site with that promise and it began by saying, “Weight Loss for Idiots.” I don’t know about you but I object to being called an idiot.

This site proclaims that every “diet” from low calorie to low carb and everything in between doesn’t work. Have they never heard of starving to death? You can’t get more low calorie than that, and it indeed does cause weight loss. Permanent weight loss in the form of death, but permanent none the less.

The FDA is finally cracking down on bogus weight loss claims and losing 9 pounds every 11 days is a prime target. You cannot lose weight that fast, and you certainly cannot continue it, yet their title claims you can.

I smell a rat, and it doesn’t taste like chicken. Run, don’t walk, away from bogus weight loss claims.

Weight Loss with No Effort – Try FatFoe

Feast on your favorite foods and lose 2 pounds a day!

If you don’t think you can be fooled by bogus weight loss ads, check out this “new” weight loss product called FatFoe. It promises to let you lose weight without diet or exercise. Looks pretty darn good, I’ll have to admit. Who doesn’t want to take the easy road to weight loss success? Go ahead and click on the “Order Now” button.

If you don’t have flash installed and cannot see the page via the above link, here is a screenshot of the order page for FatFoe

Bogus weight loss products are a multi-billion dollar industry. Remember, you cannot lose weight unless you change your eating and exercise habits. Period. There is no magic bullet and there never will be. If they do develop a pill that helps people lose weight with no effort, undoubtedly it will be shown to cause liver cancer and kidney failure and be removed from the market after a few hundred or few thousand people die. Only those that didn’t die will cry that they wish they’d bring it back.

Weight loss is not impossible. I’ve successfully lost 80 pounds and kept it off for 17 years. So can you. Learn EFT, take my 8-week course, read the numerous articles about common sense weight loss at and start today to get on the path to better health.