Lose Weight with PlayStation Games

Mog Fitness Equipment

If you’re in front of your computer all day, wouldn’t it be great if you could add in a bit of exercise at the same time? I lost 80 pounds riding my Schwinn AirDyne since I purchased it (around 1984). I’ve gotten so busy with work that now when I’m riding I’m wishing I had a computer nearby so I could work at the same time (I take multi-tasking to a whole new level). The NeXfit company has taken this idea to the gaming community with MOG Fitness Equipment and their interactive fitness bikes.

The concept is simple. You’re sitting there anyway; why not be riding a bike? I read while I my Airdyne at a steady pace. It works just fine for heart healthy exercise, burns calories and best of all, helps rev your metabolism for the whole day.

Unless you’re in Canada you may not be able to find one of these beauties; you sure can’t order it online. The NeXfit website sucks (as of today, Sept. 17, 2005). To check the price of the bikes I hit “add to cart” and up pop errors. The forum appears to have been hijacked but if you click the “Here’s what NeXfit as about” link, it does take you to a dinky forum with a few people asking where are the NeXfit folks and how there’s no customer service. 🙁

Hopefully this company will get it together because this is a great idea. It does cost a tidy $2,500 Canadian which is steep, but as more of these products hit the market, prices will slowly go down (we hope).

I paid $550 for my Schwinn Airdyne in 1984 which seemed a bit high at the time, yet now, 20 years later, that bike’s only cost me about $2.18 a month. Now that was one good investment. I have well over 10,000 miles on my Airdyne too, so they are durable. Time will tell if the NeXfit bikes are as well.

Chicken Fries or How to Make it Even More Fattening

Burger King’s got the jump on this one, and it’s a great idea: Strips of chicken, battered and deep fried (just the way we like it), with a spicy, snappy, addictive taste. Their thinking is that people want food they can eat on-the-go (in the car perhaps) and their cup-full-o-chicken-strips fits that bill. The dipping sauce would be a problem, but I’m sure they’ll figure that out.

Maybe the auto manufacturers should take a clue and put a mini-bar in the front seat? That’d be cool. Push a button and it flips up with a little tray, mini-refrigerator, maybe a mini-microwave for heating those “better when hot” snacks? Cup holder, natch. Um, what else? Ideas, people, give me ideas. Napkin holder would be nice, maybe a condiment center? Pretty soon I’m gonna need an RV just to get to work.

Then, when you’re done, push another button and that flips away and up flips your “porta-office.” Oh, the joy, the rapture, to be able to read e-mail and organize files while zipping down the road at 70 miles-per-hour in a 10,000 pound machine.

After a work “break” it’s time to get serious, so push another button and the portable DVD/game console pops up. This is for serious traffic jams only though! Remember to keep your eyes on the road and your free hand on the wheel at all times.

This leads to me my latest “big idea.” I want a semi-truck, train, bus, whatever, something big, to haul a bunch of exercise equipment. Then the commuters can pay a fee to ride in the beast while exercising on their way to and from work. The trouble with that idea is when there is no traffic the ride would be too fast, and you’d get a lousy workout, but when the traffic is horrible and everyone else is all stressed and annoyed, us in the “Move it or Lose it” bus are saying, “ha ha on you. We’re getting our exercise!” I love this idea, it just needs a little tweaking, oh, and a bunch of money.

Paul Allen, Bill Gates? You have the bucks. Make it happen, and I’ll be first in line for a monthly pass, and you’ll be heroes.

Video Games for Exercise Catching On

News reports are coming in fast and furious about all the new video games that get people up and moving. I’ve talked about it here in The Slimming Pool often:

Video Game That Causes people to Lose Weight, January 2004 … When the game involves bodily movement, that’s how. Today I came across Tanya Jessen’s story and how she eventually lost 95 pounds playing DDR. …

Why Exercise Takes so Long to Show Results, February 2004 … I just started using our new DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution) game and I love it…

Yourself!Fitness Fitness Comes to the Home Computer, Jan 2005 … You’ve heard of DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution), and now there is Yourself!Fitness, developed by a Portland, Oregon company and now available for the PC

New Year New You, January 2004 (obviously I was quite smitten with this whole thing early last year!) … The game is called DDR, Dance, Dance, Revolution and it involves a vinyl platform on the floor in front of you with squares, X’s and Triangles

New additions include the Golf Launchpad, which looks like it would be most fun if you set up a projector like they do in the store. You swing, you want to glance up and see your shot, not have to rush over to your computer screen. I do think golfers will love this; being able to practice that shot while you’re supposedly working. There’s just nothing better! :

This entry is a bit odd: Kilowatt SPORT. The videos are not exciting, some are just talking heads, but this is probably one you’d need to experience in person. If nothing else playing while standing up and moving about a bit is certainly better than sitting in a chair. Anytime you get your muscles moving and the blood pumping, it’s a good thing.

All of these games and more to come are sure to help enormously with the obesity problem. Get yourself to a video arcade and check this stuff out! Also, if you think these games are expensive, consider the cost of a visit to the doctor or open heart surgery. That is expensive.