Fat Muscle Replicas

Model of Fat and Muscle

Fat vs Muscle

I’m often asked where to buy those fat/muscle replica models that I show in my post about whether you can (or should) say “Muscle Weighs More Than Fat.” One current place is Enasco.com. They have a very nice catalog they’ll mail if you request one.

See Yourself Thinner Instantly

It’s fun to alter photos, and here’s one for helping your face (or your friends’ faces?). Look younger, see how you’d look after that face lift you’ve been wanting. lose some fat cheeks? Sure, just in a photo, but hey, it’s a start. Check out Real Allusion. Note: The model they use is hardly 20-years-old so it’s not a huge change.

Here’s a tutorial on using Photoshop to alter photos (Hint: this is what they do to magazine photos which is why everyone looks so perfect).

Someone sent me a link to a web site that can alter pics to make you look thinner. Now I can’t find that link, so if you know of anyone doing this, please send me a note or comment below and let me know! Here is one I found on my own (maybe it’s the same, I’m not sure) Fit Pics.com, for just $19.95 they’ll alter the photo you send to make you look as you would if you lost some weight. This can a be a great way to visualize yourself thinner and also to get emotionally over that hump (the “who will I be without my weight issue hump). The price is much less than trying to learn to do this yourself, but if you already have Photoshop there are lots of tutorials out there, just search Google or your fav search engine for “photographs instant weight loss” or something similar.

When Art Gets Fat

OMG, David! You’ve Let Yourself Go

Saw this on Facebook and trying to find a reference I discovered Eternally Cool. “EternallyCool.net is Rome’s hip hub – here you can keep up with all that’s happening in the world’s oldest and coolest city. From art to food, from fashion to furniture, from advertising to literature, and from street life to art exhibits, we’ll keep you up on everything that makes Rome eternally cool.”

Apparently this statute, and another of Lincoln grown fat just sitting all these years in his chair at the Lincoln Monument for too long, was part of an advertising campaign by Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany

Ashton Kutcher First to Million plus Millions to Stop Malaria

High School Students Make a Difference

I only knew about this because a friend’s daughter was involved in NothingButNets.net so when I saw Ashton Kutcher, @aplusk on Twitter.com getting involved I thought that was pretty awesome. He started with a contest between himself and CNN for the title of first Twitter User with over 1,000,000 followers. He succeeded and narrowly beat CNN for the honor of being first to have one million followers. Why does this matter?

It matters to me because even before his challenge to CNN, Kutcher had posted on Twitter he would buy 1,000 nets in the fight to end Malaria, mentioning MalariaNoMore.org. That’s making a difference and I applaud him for both bringing more awareness to the plight of Malaria and also for getting more people involved with Twitter.

Someone said Twitter was silly and nothing more than a way to talk about what you’re having for breakfast, but yet, there’s this social army giving millions to charity, and of course, breaking news from CNN, very worthwhile and very cool.

If you haven’t joined the fun, get an account. Go to Twitter.com, choose a user name and you’re good to go. You choose who to join, effectively killing off the spammers (just unfriend if you get one by mistake), and tools like TweetDeck make it even more fun.

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