Drink Claims To Burn Calories

Drink That Burns Calories, ah But Does it Really?

The good folks at Coke-cola have dreamt up a doozy of a marketing idea: A drink that burns calories! Excellent. Ah, but wait …

Oops, small print. Here’s what they say about their new wonder product, “Studies have shown that when EGCG and caffeine are present at the levels comparable to that in three cans of Enviga, healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range can experience an average increase in calorie burning by 60 – 100 calories.”

Okay, why do I have a problem with this? Note they say you have to drink three cans of Enviga? Yikes, and for what? A lously 60 to 100 calories added burn. Yipee. Then, they also mention how they used “healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range,” not overweight subjects nor obese subjects but “healthy” and “lean” subjects? What gives with that?

Bethan Abra

Something isn’t quite right with this. Indeed, you can burn an extra 60 to 100 calories by getting up and moving around more, take a walk to the store or the post office, or jump on a bike now and then. If you have stairs in or near your home, walk up and down them several times. Voila! Instant increased calorie burn and it costs nothing.

Read about Coke’s new Enviga, a drink proven to increase calorie burn¬†according to their press release.