Weight Loss with No Effort – Try FatFoe

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If you don’t think you can be fooled by bogus weight loss ads, check out this “new” weight loss product called FatFoe. It promises to let you lose weight without diet or exercise. Looks pretty darn good, I’ll have to admit. Who doesn’t want to take the easy road to weight loss success? Go ahead and click on the “Order Now” button.

If you don’t have flash installed and cannot see the page via the above link, here is a screenshot of the order page for FatFoe

Bogus weight loss products are a multi-billion dollar industry. Remember, you cannot lose weight unless you change your eating and exercise habits. Period. There is no magic bullet and there never will be. If they do develop a pill that helps people lose weight with no effort, undoubtedly it will be shown to cause liver cancer and kidney failure and be removed from the market after a few hundred or few thousand people die. Only those that didn’t die will cry that they wish they’d bring it back.

Weight loss is not impossible. I’ve successfully lost 80 pounds and kept it off for 17 years. So can you. Learn EFT, take my 8-week course, read the numerous articles about common sense weight loss at OneMoreBite-Weightloss.com and start today to get on the path to better health.