Weight Loss Gum: Chew Your Way Thin

A new wonder product in the world of weight loss! Weight loss chewing gum.

This is just about as good idea as the weight loss suckers I wrote about previously. If the gum numbed your mouth or contained cocaine, it might work, otherwise, forget it. There’s no way two pieces of gum is going to contain enough active ingredient, no matter what those ingredients may be, to have any effect whatsoever on your appetite.

Think it through, people. Can you get enough active product in a couple capsules of herbs? Usually, no. That’s why you either have to take several capsules or use a tincture or extract. You cannot reduce the ingredients to a miniscule amount and expect results.

I sort of like the cocaine gum idea though. They could call it Buzz Lipstick Weight Loss Gum. “The buzz makes you so chatty you forget all about eating.”