Weight Loss Surgery- Is it Best Choice for You?

So much in the news lately about weight loss surgery. The risks are downplayed while the celebrities who had a good result are paraded around like it’s easy. After all, what could be simpler?

Consider the facts: You will not be able to eat even a quarter of the quantity you now eat. “That’s okay,” they say. Are you kidding? Do you have any idea what that means?

If you’re a person who has difficulty limiting the amount of food you eat, just because you will now experience discomfort or a little nausea, what’s that compared to the fun you’ll have figuring out ways to circumvent the limitations of a tiny stomach?

You have to ask yourself, why you are simply unable to reduce the quantity you eat now, without surgery? Do you need something outside yourself to force you into submission? I think that is the “getting cracked over the skull approach to weight loss” and it seems a little drastic.

Do Mental Surgery First

Try it on for size. Be sure what you say you want, is what you want.

Wake up tomorrow morning and experience the world post-surgery (in your mind). You are hungry, but once you start to eat you nearly instantly feel full, because your stomach is teeny-tiny. To live with this you’ll need to give yourself much smaller portions, and you’ll have to be satisfied

with a meal that takes about two minutes to eat. If you use toothpicks as utensils, it might help prolong the experience but otherwise, you’ll be giving up eating as an enjoyable part of your day. Get used to it.

The people who end up with a good result from weight loss surgery are those that are able to mentally get over eating as their favorite activity. All the others, and there are thousands, simply return to their pre-surgery weight within two years – much the same result as any weight loss program.