Can’t Wait for the Appetizer? Eat the Menu

Chef Cantu's Edible MenuAn Edible Menu?

Apparently I’ve been asleep in a closet somewhere because everyone’s been talking about the edible menu and I’m only just finding out! Chef Homaru Cantu, chef/nerd-in-disguise at Moto restaurant in Chicago is doing more than thinking out of the box; he’s creating the box, as in his “cook at your table” fish plate. Cantu created an ink jet printer that uses organic, edible inks. Now I’ve tried rice paper long ago and wasn’t thrilled. I’m not sure I’d like a piece of melt-in-your-mouth paper that tasted like Kobe beef, but those paying $195 a plate for the 18-course taster menu must think it’s just “crazy man!”

What I’d love to see is Cantu’s “cheese snow,” made by spraying mozzarella dairy stock into liquid nitrogen, garnished with parsley oil. Never satisfied Cantu goes on to create deep fried cotton candy and, ick, hot dog ice cream. Sounds yucky, but hey, if a top chef says it’s good, I’d trust him, at least once.