Organic Foods Too Expensive? Not If You Know Where To Shop

Think Organic Foods are Too Expensive! Maybe until now

What if you could buy the same organic foods you do now but save 10 to 50%?

Announcing the first, online organic and natural foods buying club: Green PolkaDot Box. You’ll save money and enjoy the convenience of shopping at home (helping to save fuel costs too). During pre-launch you will receive bonuses and rewards just for registering early (later you’d need to refer up to 20 new members to receive the same bonuses).

This is not a box store, and you don’t have to buy in huge quantities like Costco. You pay an annual membership fee (like Costco) then shop online and food is delivered to your door. Order $150 or more and shipping is free, otherwise pay the low set shipping fee (not crazy like some online merchants either).

Get in on the launch. I can offer Associate Memberships with even more rewards but you must pre-register at GreenPolkaDot Box soon.

See 11 Ways to Save Money on Organic Food. They don’t know about Green PolkaDot Box, but if they did you’d see 12 ways.