Why Food You Don’t Eat Hurts the Planet

Stop Wasting Leftovers and Help the Planet

Just when we thought it was safe to toss our moldy leftovers, out comes a study saying food waste (and excessive shopping) contributes to environmental decline. Found at Newsdaily.com British Environment Minister Joan Ruddock suggests Brits do their part and stop wasting food! Leftovers are yummy, says Roddock. (Okay, I made that up–OneMoreBite).

You know some people do not like leftovers! They insist on perfectly new food at every sitting. Who are these people? Personally I love nothing better than finding ready-to-eat food waiting when the hungries strike. I enjoyed the rest of the steak I didn’t eat last night today for lunch and was that a treat!

Love Food Hate Waste

The “Love Food Hate Waste” program aims to help reduce the tossing out of perfectly good food with ideas for

  • Do you cook too much
  • Meal making and food facts
  • Top chefs take on leftovers
  • Keep it fresh and eat at its best
  • Why cutting food waste matters

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Reduce Your Waistline While You Reduce Food Waste

It makes sense that if you plan ahead, stop all those quickie trips for fast food and get back to some real home cooking (not take-out eaten at home, but food actually prepared at home) you’ll lose weight in the process. It’s time we all stopped wasting so much food, not to mention money, and ate more responsibly.