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Fat Muscle Replicas

December 21, 2013

Tweet I’m often asked where to buy those fat/muscle replica models that I show in my post about whether you can (or should) say “Muscle Weighs More Than Fat.” One current place is They have a very nice catalog they’ll mail if you request one.

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See Yourself Thinner Instantly

October 25, 2009

Tweet It’s fun to alter photos, and here’s one for helping your face (or your friends’ faces?). Look younger, see how you’d look after that face lift you’ve been wanting. lose some fat cheeks? Sure, just in a photo, but hey, it’s a start. Check out Real Allusion. Note: The model they use is hardly […]

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Best Time to Start a Weight Loss Program?

November 14, 2007

Tweet When is the Right Time to Get Started? Most people start a new “plan” on a Monday. This is to give themselves the chance to get ready, as if they are starting a race. Think instead of starting a new eating plan as beginning a hike or climb – you are going to take […]

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My Scale of Woe: Adventures in Weight Loss

November 22, 2006

Tweet The Scale Is Not My Friend I got a surprise when I stepped on and found I’d gained over five pounds. In one week! Now how does that happen? I don’t know all the answers but I do know I haven’t done anything unusual so there’s no logical reason. Because of that I’m not […]

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Be Annoying Go To Jail?

February 2, 2006

Tweet Word on the street is its illegal to annoy on the Internet if you do it anonymously, but perfectly fine if you do it with your real name. That’s not quite correct. Here’s the best explanation by The Volokh Conspiracy in A Skeptical Look at “Create an E-annoyance, Go to Jail.” The text in […]

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Help for Children with Diabetes

January 9, 2006

Tweet If you or your children suffer from diabetes, you need to know about Bios Life 2 Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and now blood pressure, but even more exciting is what it can do for someone with diabetes. David Allen, Ph.D sent me the following explanation about why Bios Life 2 would be recommended […]

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Halloween: Not Good Excuse for 3-Month Eating Binge

November 1, 2005

Tweet If you’ve just launched your annual 3-month eating binge from Halloween until New Years, I gently suggest changing that program. There is no reason to eat yourself silly for the next three months only to spend the following nine trying to lose what you gained. Instead, try something different this year and stop holiday […]

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Weight Loss Chat at

September 15, 2005

Tweet Weight Loss Chat Studies show that having a support system is key in a weight loss program. There are many sites that offer forums and chat, and I participate in several. This week I hosted my first weight loss chat at at (WLB) and it was great! It can be tricky when questions […]

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EFT for Anger Fear & Trauma of Katrina Victims

September 3, 2005

Tweet Why Fear & Anger Make us Want to Eat We have friends who up until a few days ago lived in New Orleans. Last year when hurricanes threatened we asked, “Are you evacuating?” “Yes” they replied and then returned to their city unharmed a few days later. This year it is hurricane season and […]

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Free EFT Teleclass using EFT for Anger Fear & Trauma

September 3, 2005

Tweet  Katrina Victims & Anyone Who Needs Help with Fear & Trauma I am hosting a free EFT for Anger tele-seminar tomorrow (Sunday, September 4, 2005 at 1 PM PST) and again on Monday, September 5, 2005 at 8:00 AM PST for anyone who’d like to do a group session on their fear, anger, disbelief, […]

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