Help for Children with Diabetes

If you or your children suffer from diabetes, you need to know about Bios Life 2

Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and now blood pressure, but even more exciting is what it can do for someone with diabetes. David Allen, Ph.D sent me the following explanation about why Bios Life 2 would be recommended for anyone with diabetes:

“Bios Life 2 is a natural way to help diabetics reclaim safe, stabilized blood glucose levels, while at the same time controlling their insulin production. It does this by decreasing the rate at which food is absorbed, consequently helping blood sugar to remain steady throughout the day. This effect helps to prevent both high and low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.

“If diabetics increase their daily intake of soluble fiber, they can better control their disease by decreasing their typical glucose and insulin spike caused by high-carbohydrate food, stress, and “tired” pancreatic cells. Taken before a meal, Bios Life 2 can significantly “flatten” these spikes and allow the body to digest nutrients more evenly.

“Controlling insulin spikes may not only regulate a diabetic condition, it also may promote weight loss, increase mental acuity, and supply more energy. In a clinical trial conducted by the Certified Diabetes Educators of Diabetes Control, Bios Life 2 showed itself to be an extremely effective natural substance in the fight against diabetes. This independent study showed that diabetics using Bios Life 2 had a reduction of HbA1c, triglycerides, cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose levels.”

That’s awesome, and frankly, everyone should be using Bios Life 2. If you aren’t getting enough fiber (are you?), you need Bios Life 2. It’s a powder you mix in water and drink five or 10 minutes before you eat, but what I’ve noticed is I almost have to remember to eat because it seems to affect my appetite.

So think about it. Do your kids get enough fiber? Do they eat any vegetables at all? Fruit? Hardly. Mostly they eat chips and junk, no matter what you pack in their lunch. Kids have vending machines and food courts at school now. They drink soft drinks all day and munch candy along the way, so fiber may be the primary missing ingredient. It certainly cannot hurt to try a non-drug approach and see what happens.

If you’re in the Portland/Vancouver area, call me to drop in for a sample of Bios Life 2 or the Lean Control System for weight loss and I can demonstrate EFT for you as well! More on the products is available at Unicity’s Make Life Better site. Use my Associate ID No. 98006201 when you order. If you want to know more just call or e-mail me for more info.