Video Games for Exercise Catching On

News reports are coming in fast and furious about all the new video games that get people up and moving. I’ve talked about it here in The Slimming Pool often:

Video Game That Causes people to Lose Weight, January 2004 … When the game involves bodily movement, that’s how. Today I came across Tanya Jessen’s story and how she eventually lost 95 pounds playing DDR. …

Why Exercise Takes so Long to Show Results, February 2004 … I just started using our new DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution) game and I love it…

Yourself!Fitness Fitness Comes to the Home Computer, Jan 2005 … You’ve heard of DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution), and now there is Yourself!Fitness, developed by a Portland, Oregon company and now available for the PC

New Year New You, January 2004 (obviously I was quite smitten with this whole thing early last year!) … The game is called DDR, Dance, Dance, Revolution and it involves a vinyl platform on the floor in front of you with squares, X’s and Triangles

New additions include the Golf Launchpad, which looks like it would be most fun if you set up a projector like they do in the store. You swing, you want to glance up and see your shot, not have to rush over to your computer screen. I do think golfers will love this; being able to practice that shot while you’re supposedly working. There’s just nothing better! :

This entry is a bit odd: Kilowatt SPORT. The videos are not exciting, some are just talking heads, but this is probably one you’d need to experience in person. If nothing else playing while standing up and moving about a bit is certainly better than sitting in a chair. Anytime you get your muscles moving and the blood pumping, it’s a good thing.

All of these games and more to come are sure to help enormously with the obesity problem. Get yourself to a video arcade and check this stuff out! Also, if you think these games are expensive, consider the cost of a visit to the doctor or open heart surgery. That is expensive.