Weight Loss Drops for Idiots

This takes the cake: Weight loss drops! Yeah, sure. If it’s not bad enough that products rarely contain enough ingredient for any effect, imagine if they dilute the ingredients even further? Add water, and voila! New amazing weight loss product.

For research I went to Google to search for weight loss drops. The first site I visited had this odd cow logo that at first glance I thought said, “Previously E-Coli.” That would help with weight loss for sure! I didn’t check to see what exactly was the “cow diet” but I can guess.

Remember, if you didn’t hear it on the news, it’s not going to be a real wonderful, magical weight loss pill, potion or otherwise. If they ever develop some weight loss pill that really works, you can be pretty sure everyone will hear about it — it won’t just be the brief blurb you find somewhere on the Internet.