Wishbone Salad Spray: Say it Don’t Spray It

Have you tried putting oil based things into spray bottles? Usually they clog and it doesn’t work, but apparently Wishbone has figured out how to get salad dressing into a spray bottle, so for my money the price of entry (under $3) is worth it for the bottle alone!

We’d all benefit by cutting back on salad dressing. It tastes great but don’t forget, you want to experience the greens too, right? I make an effort to use as little as possible but I’ll admit it’s not always easy. Especially with Paul Newman’s Caesar. I love that stuff.

Whenever I find a container that makes sense it launches me into a full-scale attack on all the drug stores trying to find something similar. This works well for suntan oil too, but no one bakes in the sun anymore, do they? 😉