EFT on Reluctance to Quit Smoking, Weight Loss

This was a reply I made in a Yahoo Group forum, and I thought it appropriate for today’s Daily Bite. The poster was specifically asking about her reluctance to use EFT on her smoking because she really wasn’t’ ready to quit:

It makes perfectly good sense that you wouldn’t want to give up something you enjoy, even if you think/know it would be better if you did. I had to quit smoking about 10 years ago and I say “had” because I didn’t want to. My son was in about second grade and in school they were pushing the kids to go home and tell your parents that smoking is bad, etc. So he did, and I just could not stand it, having my 8-year old know better than I, so I stopped. But I liked smoking–don’t know why, but I did. I still don’t hate the smell 😉

That time quitting was no big deal, because I only smoked outdoors, and never in front of my son, so it was only a few smokes a day. Many years prior to that I had the opportunity to quit when I smoked regularly – up to two packs a day, and had for years. That time an incident occurred that suddenly snapped my decision and that was that.

I did it by the one day at a time approach. Every morning I’d make a decision, yes or no, and I’d say, “Today I will not smoke. If I want to tomorrow, that’s fine, but today, just for today, I will not smoke. I can make it one little day. No matter what comes up, I will make it through this day.”

That’s the general idea anyway. The point is, when you are ready, you’ll be able to do it.

EFT Ideas

Meanwhile, I’d use EFT and tap on the fact that you don’t want to quit. So what, right? Use the EFT, and I’ll bet you end up uncovering lots of “good” reasons, that perhaps dealing with will help in the long run?

“Even though I just don’t want to quit smoking, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway, so there!”

“Even though no one can make me quit if I don’t want to, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m not ready to quit smoking, …”

“Even though I like smoking, thank you very much …”

“Even though I’m afraid I’ll gain weight if I quit smoking, I deeply and completely love and accept myself from this day forward.”

This happens so often with people wanting to lose weight. I think because there are so many underlying issues that when one thinks in terms of the big picture, i.e. quitting smoking, losing weight, that the real issues are still hidden. Tapping instead on the very idea that you hold at that moment, such as not wanting to stop, is, in my way of thinking, a good idea. Try it, and let us know what you think and how it feels to you?