Zantrex 3 Diet Pills – Don’t Buy Them, Make Your Own

I saw a bottle of Zantrex Diet Pills at my local Safeway store so grabbed them to see what’s inside.

Zantrex Rip Off Diet Pills Can you say, “Rip-off?” This wonderful product contains nothing more than caffeine in various forms such as Yerba mate, guarana, damiana, cocoa nut, kola nut, and rice flour. Rice flour? What’s that in there for? Filler, probably.

Safeway had this at over $40 a bottle! That is ridiculous. You could make your own for a few dollars, or just buy caffeine pills (truckers use them), for $4.99/100 and call it a day. Brand name or generic, caffeine is caffeine.

Don’t overdo the caffeine either or you’ll just end up jittery and probably get a headache.

How to Make Your Own Diet Pill

Buy herbs in bulk. Yes, you can buy most of these ingredients yourself, if you like them, why pay someone a bunch of money because they put it in a fancy sounding bottle? Zantrex sounds like a real drug, doesn’t it? It’s not. They could have called it Porky’s Fat Reducing Pills, but that wouldn’t have sold as well.

Look in your phone book first to see if there are any herbal shops in your town. If so, go straight to them. The shops smell wonderful, BTW. I buy spices in bulk too. For less money than you pay for a stale bottle at the store you can get a quarter to a full pound of things like basil, bay leaves, oregano, whatever you like. The smells knock me out when a box is delivered. I totally love it. Organize a few friends and split it up if you want.

Okay, all my herb books must be downstairs and I don’t feel like going down right now, so I’ll write this up as an article and post it on my main site in the Weight Loss Articles section.

It’ll have ingredient suggestions, a recipe or two, and a few places to buy bulk herbs. I’ll edit this to add the direct link as soon as I write the article too, so if you prefer reading in your Blog Reader, just hang in there. More news coming soon …