Must Have Chocolate Diet

The Chocolizer!

Here’s some more marketing genius, The “Chocolizer.” Get this, they claim “each capsule provides the equivalent satisfaction of two large chocolate bars or three cups of chocolate milk.” Oh, really? That’s swell, but how’s that supposed to help when most people don’t recognize whether they are satisfied and instead eat until they are stuffed? They’d have been better off if they’d said each capsule provides the equivalent overfull feeling of an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, three helpings of two kinds of pie and assorted cheese balls while waiting for the whipped cream. Now that people could relate to.

They go on to state, “Made only from cocoa beans and shells.” Um, excuse me. Shells?

OMG, this morning is ripe for ripoffs: Here’s one I just spotted: 90 Lbs 8 Sizes in 90 Days. I see this one is “As seen on TV” so maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe you’ve even ordered it. Here’s a tip: Stop falling for these absurd claims. Put logic to the test. Would an average person lose 90 pounds in 90 days if they ate nothing at all? No, they wouldn’t.

These folks are selling empty promises and you end up with nothing but a slimmer wallet. I know, it’s hard to resist the allure of easy weight loss, but this is just ridiculous.

Here’s what does work: Cut back on quantity by starting to eat one-fourth less than you usually do. That’s not so much, one-quarter of a sandwich you cut away and give to the dog, or wrap in foil for a snack later. Three-quarters of a sandwich is likely still going to satisfy you, and then a few hours later when you get a little hungry, voila! You can finish the sandwich then. Perfect. Sure you ate the same amount but spacing out what you eat makes much better sense than eating the whole sandwich now, then having something else like a candy bar or chips in a few hours when you get hungry, and you will get hungry every few hours (most people do anyway). That’s a pretty normal cycle. Think in terms of a mouthful or two, rather than a barrel full.

I eat half a sandwich now, when I once thought that was the craziest idea in the world. Try it and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised and find yourself letting go of a few pounds without much effort at all.