Worst Ripoff Weight Loss Pill: Leptoprin

I just saw a commercial for Leptoprin, which is the most brazenly ridiculous example of rip-off marketing. We have laws about false product claims, but they do no good because companies can advertise products, lie about their results (claiming they have clinical proof when they do not, etc.) and blatently lie about their product. Worst is how they overprice the product, then appeal to our sense of greed and the desire for the quick fix, “If it costs this much it must be good.” They even try to talk you out of it:

“Leptoprin is too expensive for the casual dieter.” What pray tell is a casual dieter? and Leptoprin is too expensive for anyone with a brain. You can get the same ingredients for a fraction of the cost, if you really think they’ll work, but frankly, they aren’t going to be the magical combination you wanted.

There is no magic weight loss pill that will do it for you. If you want to take supplements that can help in your quest to get healthier, there are many useful choices, but there is no magic diet pill.

Here’s the ingredient list for Leptoprin:

Calcium (amino acid chelate) 264mg (67% RDA)
Vitamin B6 25mg (1250% RDA)
Acetylsalicylic acid 324mg (aspirin)
Caffeine 200mg
Green Tea Extract (no amount listed)
L-Tyrosine (no amount listed)
Kelp 100mg
Cayenne (no amount listed)

Keep in mind, a mere speck of an ingredient added allow them to put it on the label. Without listing the amounts is suspect indeed, but frankly, even if they did list an amount, I’d be hard pressed to trust it.

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