Why Exercise Takes so Long to Show Results

The greatest reason for quitting exercise is the lack of tangible, immediate results.

If we can’t see something happening, we aren’t happy. That’s why people are so enchanted with watching their weight drop on the scale. That they can say, “Look, Martha, I dropped five pounds!”

Even when they start to feel better, notice their pants getting looser, they still run to the scale for validation that what they are doing is working, and sometimes, despite the obvious fact that their body shape is changing for the better, a lack of reduction on the scale will cause them to quit in despair. This usually within a week or two. LOL

That’s funny because people who get in shape and stay in shape are in it for the long haul. They find activities they like, running, biking, swimming, hiking, whatever, and if they choose they do weight lifting. I personally love weight lifting. Nothing but weights has ever made a significant change to my appearance. I can do aerobics until I’m blue in the face but my body doesn’t change, but give me a set of dumbbells, and look out!

If you are getting started or thinking about getting started on a weight lifting program for weight loss, remember, it takes at least six weeks of steady, consistent work before you can expect to see a result – some people will see a difference much sooner, some will not, but give it six weeks before you start crying that you aren’t seeing any difference. Most likely you’ll notice your clothes fitting better, your watch or rings getting looser, you may even see a loss in your face or hands. Weight comes off from all over, not just the places we might prefer.

I just started using our new DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution) game and I love it. I’m a bit of a klutz though and I discovered I have lousy timing. It’s fun though, and what I noticed right away was I kept saying, “Okay, I’m going to quit, just one more time,” and then I’d do one more time, and I’d say, “Okay, just one more,” and over and over I did this. I didn’t really want to stop I just had other things I needed to do. It’s addictive in that you’ll want to get better. Plus, it’s hard work. I can feel it in my muscles today.

If you have kids, tell them about DDR – There is no better game for teaching a motor skill and getting movement at the same time.

I’ve only used the game twice but I was already checking to see whether I can notice a difference in the mirror. Not yet, but soon…

So no matter what you are doing for fun or exercise, give it time to do the trick. Consistency is the key – do it regularly and you’ll soon see a difference.