Walmart to Sell Splenda Next, The World!

In their quest to take over everything, Walmart has managed to secure the raw materials to produce their own variety of Splenda, despite Splenda being trademarked by Britain’s Tate & Lyle.

Now, it’s fine to develop as similar sweetener but where it gets sticky (no pun intended) is calling it “Walmart’s brand of Splenda.” That clearly implies they are selling a product that’s the same as Splenda, but doing so infringes on Splenda’s trademark since the public would be confused thinking they are getting the same thing. at least that’s the way I’d interpret it.

Time will tell what the court’s say or don’t on the issue. Walmart intends to roll out their version of Splenda in their version called “Altern.” What kind of a dopey name is Altern? Oh, I get it; alternative.