Video Game that Causes People to Lose Weight

Q. How can a game help someone lose weight?

A.When the game involves bodily movement, that’s how.

Today I came across Tanya Jessen’s story and how she eventually lost 95 pounds playing DDR. Awhile back I’d mentioned hearing about Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) after seeing a clip on TV about a girl who’d lost a lot of weight playing a video game.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to try DDR myself but my husband is being a bit of a prig about it. Seems he thinks I spend a wee bit too much money on every whim that comes my way. Where’s he get such ideas? Anyway my enthusiasm must have worn him down because he said he’d go rent it for me today.

If your kids already have a PlayStation, PlayStation 2 or XBox go down today to the video store, rent DDR and try it for yourself. What have you got to lose except some weight?

Game pad for DDR
Ignition Dance Pad – This is the pad we bought and it’s been great. The kids love it, and so do I. It even has a workout mode