Taking Diet Advice from Unknown Experts

Just Who, Exactly are “They”

There are a lot of rules flying around about what you should or shouldn’t eat and what “they” say is right or wrong. But just who exactly the ones known as “they?” When you say you know you should eat X calories, who says? Where did you get the idea you should do anything, let alone eat exactly this number of calories or that many grams of protein? Who is the expert, you, or some guru you saw on TV?

I know what works for me by trial and error and that will work for you as well. Take the rules and bend them to work for your lifestyle. If you don’t feel satisfied at all with the calories you’re getting, then add a little, no matter what “they” said you should eat. If you feel energized after working out but “they” say you should be getting an hour a day, well, tough on them. I say do what feels right for you.

This is especially true with the standard diet list of calories you should have. There is no way a 6′ tall man should have the same calories as a 5’2″ woman, yet restaurants continue to serve the same plates to everyone, and diets tell us men should have so many calories, and woman should have so many; yet, no account for height at all. Ridiculous.