Sweet Offers That Suddenly Go Sour

I see an offer for a free CD/DVD that I’d like anyway. It’s a copy of “Business is Booming” which is a CD about direct marketing, blah, blah, and so whatever, it’s being offered free for postage only. Okay, so I’m game.

I check it out and what do I find? It’s $9.47 for one stupid CD/DVD. Well I don’t know what turnip patch these folks think I hail from but in my neck of the woods it doesn’t cost that much to mail a skimpy CD envelope. Maybe $3.95 but not 10 bucks! I’m not sure where they get that CD/DVD shit anyway (oops, bad language alert). It’s either a CD or it’s a DVD. WHICH IS IT?

What a friggen rip off. I can’t even believe they’d think anyone would consider that “postage.” Makes me want to go get one of those books where you can learn to say good insults because “damn” just doesn’t begin to cover it.

Folks, if you’re offered something for free and they want more than a buck over the real cost of shipping, guess what? You’re actually paying for the stupid thing, so they are screwing you big time. This sort of thing really bugs me, if you didn’t notice.

Okay, rant over. I feel better now. 😉