Sunday Blowout Eating Getting Ready for Monday Diet

Big sandwich

Typical Weekly Diet Plan

  • Sunday, Anything goes, because I’m starting a diet tomorrow
  • Monday, Diet
  • Tuesday, I think I can do this!
  • Wednesday, It’s almost the weekend. This is easy …
  • Thursday, Uh, okay, but just this once …
  • Friday: Yah! It’s Friday. Let’s live a little
  • Saturday: I’ve been so good all week
  • Sunday: Blow-out! Eat everything, since Monday we start our diet

Is Sunday your “anything goes” day? Since so many people start diets on Monday’s, Sunday has come to be associated with cleaning the fridge. Eat it all, so there’s nothing left to tempt you come Monday. If you follow the BFL (Body for Life) program, it’s suggested to have one free day. A free day is similar to the Blowout Sunday day – eat whatever you want, as much as you want, with the idea being, you’ll get the desire out of your system.

Free Day Works for Some But Be Sure it Works for You

That’s a great theory, but won’t work if you’re highly sensitive to sugar for instance – by loading up on surgery treats on Sunday, you’ll create the hunger pangs for those same treats on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday when they are starting to abate, you’re already looking forward to having them again on the weekend – and the cycle never ends.

I’m all for having a treat, when you want one, but there’s no need to create a 24-hour window of opportunity for going crazy. Better to just go ahead and enjoy some cake at the birthday party, regardless of what day it is. If you ate well the rest of the day, you’re still okay.

If you eat well the majority of the time, you’ll be okay having a dessert, or a drink, or whatever, just don’t fall victim to the “cheat” mentality. You’re not cheating. This is not a test – it is your life. Calling it cheating is setting yourself up to think you are bad, and calling yourself bad or naughty, just gives more credence to the “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough” mentality.

Choose to Have More

You can do this – you can eat more slowly, enjoying it more. You can choose to have more vegetables (check their nutrients against their calories – very low calorie, very high nutrients), fruits (apples, grapes, bananas – have a couple of pieces every day). The fiber, and natural sugars are far better for you – trying to skip eating fruit because you believe it’s high in calories only sets you up to choose a candy bar later. Wouldn’t it have been better to have had that apple? Think about that next time you choose to skip a fruit snack.

Chewing Better than Drinking

If you like juice, dilute it with sparkling water and just give the slighest flavor essence to your drinks. Straight juice is yummy good but a lot of calories in a drink – better to eat the whole fruit – you get more bang for the buck.

You can choose to be a little less diligent on the weekends, or Sundays, but don’t give yourself license to “blow it” just because it’s a certain day of the week. Keep on the path, one day at a time, one bite at a time – remember One More Bite – would just one more bite be enough? Try it. I’m full, but there’s still some delicious food on my plate – I want it. What should I do? Have one more bite. Sit back. Listen to your body’s feedback. Is it your body wanting more, or just your mind? Your body should feel comfortable, safe, satisfied.

If You Can’t Seem to Stop Eating, Use EFT

“Even though I still want more food, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I cannot leave any of this pie, I deeply and completely accept myself”

“Even though I think I’m going to explode if I have one more bite, I still want one more bite, but I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.”

Do enough rounds to bring down the feeling of wanting so badly. Using the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” routine over and over does nothing but add pounds. Start thinking in terms of each meal standing alone so even if you overeat, the next meal you get right back on track. It’s not all-or-nothing.