Sleep More to Lose Weight?

Yes, You Need Your Sleep

Today’s headline is trumpeting the idea that maybe you’re just tired? Perhaps if you got more sleep you wouldn’t crave chips and snacks – right. Next we’ll start seeing a lot of ads for the Lose Weight While You Sleep crap – it never fails.

Obviously if you’re over tired you’ll feel less well, but surprise, I felt sluggish and tired and thought I’d never survive arising an hour earlier which was the only way I’d get some exercise done, and then one day I got up at 5:00 instead of 6:00 AM, and it felt great! What a shock, how could this be? An hour less sleep and I felt better? It’s weird, but it’s true. Was I getting too much rest before? Who knows, but I do know I’m obviously a morning person, so for me getting up an hour earlier has been great. I love it, and I plan to keep doing it.

Have I lost weight? No, but I didn’t think I would. Frankly, it’s what you eat and how much you exercise that will determine your weight, not total hours spent sneezing. Get enough rest – people need anywhere from 4 to 9 hours, with about 7 being average.

The trick with exercise too is when you first get started, it may feel you’re too tired, but surprise! The more you exercise the more energy you get. Push through that first week or so if thinking you’re too tired and you’ll blast out to the other side of mega energy! Try it.