Rice Recipes – Win $5000 Top Prize

If you’ve got some great recipe everyone raves about featuring rice, enter the 7th Annual Rice to the Rescue Recipe Contest.

They say, “only original and unpublished rice recipes” well, duh, you’re not going to just go copy straight out of your Betty Crocker cookbook, but what really is an “original recipe?” How many different ways can you put the same ingredients together? Let’s see, take rice, add milk, sugar, vanilla, you’ve got rice pudding. Is that original? No. The originality comes in how the recipe is titled, how the ingredients are listed, etc., and if you add some little twist, say a sprinkle of cinnamon, that couldn’t hurt either.

My husband makes the most awesome Salmon Rice Couquettes which is a mix of rice, salmon, onions, celery (I don’t know, he makes it), then patted into shape (he made a metal cookie cutter for this), and dredged in sesame seeds for an outer coating, then lightly fried in some sesame oil. Oh, these are so good it’s not even funny.

Then he makes the most delicious sauces and you just put a bit on the top, all fancy looking. We eat these with steamed greens and it’s just so good. It’s like having my very own gourmet chef!

Sadly the contest states six ingredients or less and preparation time under 30 minutes, and these take about 35 minutes so dang it! We so would have won that contest. It’s so good even the kids love it, and you know how kids are. My son thought I was trying to poison him when he asked for apple juice and I handed him a glass of unfiltered juice from a local farm. “What’s this?” he said. “Apple juice,” I replied. “What’s all this crap in it,” he disgustedly remarked. “It’s just not filtered,” it’s better for you, blah, blah, blah. He just made a face like I’m a freak. That’s what I get for waiting on His Majesty hand and foot.