Portion Control Gone Mad

What’s an Shopper To Do?

Yesterday, I stopped at Zupans to see if they had my favorite shortbread cookies. If you don’t have Zupans nearby, they’re a great store, one of my favorites, but you need to win the lottery to shop there often. It’s expensive. Their deli is fabulous, but you know how most delis have those little white take home goldfish containers? This deli has clear plastic tubs in three sizes: Large, medium and miniscule. I’m not willing to pay $4.50 or more for a miniscule amount of salad or beans, so I take a pass. It’s a shame too, but I could buy the ingredients and make it myself for the price, and I’d need to buy three or four to make a meal. Fat chance.

So, I’m looking and looking and … they didn’t have my cookies! I’m agahst. I’m forced to check the bakery counter for alternatives – it’s actually one of my hobbies (I would have looked anyway). I love to look at pastries like some people peak at porn. It’s so temping, so delicous, but I’ve been burned before. Sometimes those ultra pretty foods taste like cardboard, and when you just spent $20 for a 6″ cake, that’s a disappointment you’re not likely to forget for a very long time.

So, to bring this rambling account to a close, I finally spied a teensy sample size package of Walkers Shortbread in the checkout aisle. Perfect. Just a taste, which is what I wanted anyway, so I bought one. Later at home I looked at the nutrition label, and guess what? This package, containing a whopping 1.4 oz. of two slim 1.5″ by 2″ cookies serves 2. Yup, you get one cookie each. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter (31% – cool), sugar, salt. My four favorite food groups! No wonder I love shortbread cookies.

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I didn’t eat those cookies just yet. Sometimes I buy food just to keep it around. I’m also still thinking about that two servings nonsense. It puts me in rant mode, which I sort of like