Zsweet: New No Calorie Natural Sweetener

I received my samples of ZSweet(TM), and I’m impressed.

This stuff looks and feels, and most importantly tastes the most like real sugar than any other alternative sweetener, yet it has zero calories. Keep in mind, whenever you’re told something has zero calories they mean “per serving.” If you eat enough, you’ll get some calories, so it’s not a free-for-all. Instead think of reducing calories in your baked goods for instance.

Rule No. 1 is you still eat the same amount, so if you would have eaten two pieces of pie before, you still eat two pieces of pie now but now you’re getting half the calories you used to waste on just the sugar. That’s cool. If you use “low calorie” or “no calorie” on the label as an excuse to pig out, then sorry, that’s not going to work.

I wrote briefly about my discovery of ZSweet(TM) and spoke with Tim Avila, creator of Zsweet(TM)? and chief executive officer of Ventana Health Inc. Avila explained that ZSweet(TM) is different from other alternative sweeteners in that it does not chemically alter ingredients (Splenda is chemically altered), and does not use any herbal extracts, dietary supplements or other fillers. Their website states: “Zsweet(TM) is a blend of Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol, and food extracts commonly found in fruits and vegetables.”

ZSweet(TM) more closely resembles sugar and tastes sweeter, with no weird after taste or chemically taste some experience with Splenda and other sweeteners. Avila also brought up an interesting, yet still unproven side effect: Zsweet(TM) reduces appetite! Clinical studies are ongoing, but that would be very exciting indeed, since most alternative sweeteners are associated with an increased appetite. Stay tuned for more on that!

I’m going to get more as soon as it comes to market and start switching out half my sugar for ZSweet. For more information or to order a sample, visit ZSweet.com.