Make Your Own Splenda Baking Mix and Save Money

What is Splenda Baking Mix?

It’s half sugar half Splenda. That’s it.  Wow! New product, huh? Do they think we are so stupid we can’t just mix our own two ingredients together? Did you buy this new Splenda Baking mix? If you did, next time buy a bag of Splenda, and a bag of sugar, and pour them together in equal measure into a container and you’ve just saved a lot of money.

Pound for pound you’re getting ripped off by paying Splenda prices for ordinary sugar. Think about it when you see some “new product.” Can you make it yourself and save money? Is the labeling created to trick you into thinking your having less food than you really are having? We have to more diligent than ever because food manufacturers are getting a little nervous when they think we wouldn’t notice how stupid Splenda Bakig mix really is.

Of course, I’ve always just added by own raisins to bran cereal while most buy Post Raisin Bran at it’s inflated price, so go figure. Watch what you pay extra for. We need to stretch our food dollars now more than ever.