Low Carb Wines Just Sour Grapes

Great news wine lovers! Low carb wines are set to hit the shelves

This should be shelved under the, “What were they thinking?” category. I love good wine, and the thought of anyone deliberately tinkering with the grape, simply to alter its sugar content for the sake of lowering carbs is well, not right. That simply goes against all good winemakers stand for.

The AP Article, Company Introducing Low Carb Wines states that, “Cara Morrison, the Brown-Forman winemaker in California who developed the brands, said most consumers won’t notice any difference in taste.” That statement alone leaves a bad taste. No difference? Sure. Uh, huh. Right. Yeah, okay. Jeeze. Go ahead, you serve it to company, not me.

Wine lovers should laugh this offering right off the shelves.

Brown-Forman is said to have spent $1 million in development and plans another $5 million for advertising so basically they’re shelling out $6 million to hawk cheap, crappy wine just so they can grab a piece of the low carb pie. They should be forced to drink all the leftovers.