Low Carb Pork Rinds?

I’m looking for info on net carbs and how exactly they turn a usually high carb food like a tortilla for instance into a low carb version, and what do I find? A website about low carb foods with an ad banner across the top proclaiming, “Pork Rinds, fresh, kettle fried.” Does that make any sense?

Does it make sense to eat low carb cakes, puddings, pies, crackers? Low carb cookies, breads, everything high carb suddenly turned low carb by the magic of chemistry and funny math?

If you want to succeed on the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet for that matter steer clear of these modified food products. They won’t help you lose the desire to eat cookies, cakes and pies, but rather will keep you in the habit of eating them. Break that habit now and use EFT to lose the cravings for carbs.

Steer clear of low carb versions and if you want a piece of bread, eat good quality whole grain bread. A real piece of bread will satisfy your cravings. Just like with the low fat versions, you’ll be more likely to overeat the modified foods than if you just ate the regular version. Plus, it’s ridiculously expensive!

If you’re dying for a piece of fruit, for God’s sake, eat a piece of fruit. It’s idiotic to think an apple or an orange is fattening. I eat two or three pieces of fruit nearly every day, and I still get teenagers ogling me until I turn around and they recoil in horror since I’m nearly 50-years old! Now that’s funny, and I love it, so eat real food and you’ll be better off.

Experts have blamed the “low fat” diet for the current rates of obesity but that’s not true. It was the “low fat” version of high fat foods, low fat cookies, cakes and donuts, that hurt. People bought these and thought, “Hey, it’s low fat, I can eat a whole package!” without paying any attention to the overall calories, and the same thing is happening with the low carb products. “Hey, it’s low carb, I can eat the whole thing!” Don’t fool yourself, and don’t waste your money.
Something has gone horribly wrong when people will eat deep fried pig’s skin (pork rinds) but shun a fresh, crisp juicy apple.