Lose Weight with Weight Loss Patch

Lately I’ve had someone calling me asking about “advertising rates” on my weight loss site for their fabulous weight loss patch, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m on to this scam. First, they claim to want to advertise but in reality they want you to advertise for them via an affiliate arrangement. You display their ads, and they pay you a pittance for sending them traffic.

Secondly, I have no problem with affiliate arrangements but I don’t like being lied to and they have no intention of purchasing ad space so representing themselves in this manner leads me to believe they are less than honest. Then comes the weight loss patch itself. Can you spell RIP OFF?

Can You Lose Weight with a Weight Loss Patch?

Yes, if you place it over your mouth. I checked out their site and the main ingredient (I think it’s the only listed ingredient) is bladderwrack, an herb. You can buy bladderwrack in bulk for pennies, make tea or put powder into capsules and take it by the boat load, but it will not help you lose weight. Sorry. No magic here. It is useful if you have a low thyroid, but not as a weight loss aid. There are lots of other herbs that would be far more beneficial, so why they chose bladderwrack is beyond me.

Next comes the biggest lie, that you can get the herb into your body via your skin. Yes, if you drink it, no if you use these silly patches. You could make a strong tea and dip in a cloth then rub your skin with the liquid and you might absorb a tiny amount of the herb, but is that going to be enough for any effect? Not likely.

Weight loss patches do not work, period. Frankly, none of the pharmaceutical drugs sold for weight loss work well at all, unless you also eat less calories than you require and exercise (always written on the label insert), but if you’re already eating less and exercising more, you don’t need the pills or the patch do you?

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