Look out South Beach Diet! The Hamptons are Moving In

The Hamptons Diet – The Beverly Hills Diet – The White-Trash Diet – The South Hoboken Diet. When will it all end? Ah, another diet book with another snazy title. Sort of makes you feel like you’re on a vacation just thinking about it.

This latest entry into the dieting fray is being described in glowing terms:

Says Ann Louise Gittleman, author of The Fat Flush Plan, “His diet is delicious, sound, and represents one of the best of the low-carb options.” Options? This is an option? It’s just a rehashing of the same concept – different ratio of carbs, protein and fats. It’s not exactly revolutionary.

Fran Gare, co-author of Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Cookbook says, “Dr. Pescatore‚Äôs The Hamptons Diet takes The Diet Revolution to the next level…”

And not to be outdone, Dana Cohen, M.D. says, “Dr. Fred Pescatore takes the Atkins Diet to a delicious updated level.”

Well, I’ll be. But wait, way back in 2000 Pescatore wrote the book, “Thin for Good,” which was said to be “Taking low-carb diets to the next level.”

Er, isn’t that what they’re saying about his new book, The Hamptons Diet? Like I said, how many ways can you spell high protein/low carb? Is there anything in this book that wasn’t included in Thin for Good? Maybe he added a sprinkle of some new spice to the recipes.

So, we have three separate reviewers all saying that Pescatore’s newest book, The Hamptons Diet, “Takes it to the next level.” Uh huh. I hope the level they’re referring to is back toward a more balanced, healthy approach overall, and please, put down the pork rinds and let me offer you a nice carrot.