It’s Lose Weight Not Loose!

You Have Loose Change, You Lose Weight
If I read one more book or website that misspells loose for lose I think I’ll scream. I realize English can be a difficult lanugage but this is not one of those times.

Loose or Lose: Which is which?

The word “loose” means it is not tight, it is loose. You can loosen a tie, your belt can be too loose.

Lose means to misplace or let go of something. You lose your car keys. You lose weight, you lose your patience with people who can’t get their words straight. The word when associated with weight is LOSE. You lose weight, you don’t loose weight – to loose weight would mean … what? I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. Using loose instead of lose sounds like Ricky Ricardo saying, “Looo-seeeey, I’m home!”

Every time I see the word “loose” in place of “lose” I go a little more insane, and this isn’t a good thing. This has become a joke in my family so now we say, “I loosed a little weight this week,” and laugh like idiots.