If Owning a Rice Bowl Shop is Your Dream – Here’s Answer

For riveting game play, try the Yoshinoya game, a Japanese PS2 game about running a Rice Bowl shop.

Japanese Food Product For more info go to the Yoshinoya Home Page. That page will ask if you want to install the Japanese character set, which isn’t necessary unless you like the pretty characters or can read Japanese.

I noticed at Target the other day there is a whole display of wacky Japanese toys. Little smiling bobbing head things (they are solar so will bob forever) and virtual pets galore! I was strangely attracted to them too, so I had my son check them out and while he was wild about virtual pets when he was in grade school, now at 17 he wasn’t at all interested.

I did buy the Cat Woman Barbie doll that day, so I must have been in the toy buying mood.
Barbie Cat Woman
Looks more like an S/M Barbie to me. She even comes equipped with a whip for crying out loud. I just need a suitably clad Ken to complete the set!