Hypnosis in One Day, Or Money Back

I saw an ad in the paper for a one-day hypnosis workshop. It said, “If you don’t lose weight, we’ll return your money at the end of the workshop.”

How are you supposed to know if you lost weight when you’ve not been given a chance to go out in the real world and actually lose some? That’s just ridiculous. Stop smoking in one session, sure, but lose weight in one session? Not likely.

Weight loss pills and potions aren’t going anyway, but they are sure getting bolder. Plus, and here’s the kicker. No one can guarantee you’ll get a result–since you must do the work. I can teach, but I can’t make anyone put what they learn to use. Only you can do that.

That’s why the decision to change comes first. Remember the W.H.A.C.K approach in my book, Changing Beliefs, Your First Steps to Permanent Weight Loss? “W” is for Want. You must WANT to change more than not change. When you reach the point that you not only Want to change but you Must change, then you’re ready.

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