How to Make Pork Rinds and other Fun with Pork

Disclaimer:: If you follow a low carb approach, you may like these ideas. Otherwise, maybe don’t read this.
Since the pork rind’s people are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked, you might consider making your own. Pork Rinds are popular with the Atkins Diet because they have zero carbs.

How to Make Pork Rinds

Take the trimmings from any regular pork, put them in a pan in the oven at a low temp (about 150-200 F) and cook them a few hours till they stop popping and sizzling (that should be entertaining too!). Once the music stops that means all the fat has been rendered out and you have pork cracklings, which according to the poster, “Are mighty tasty in themselves!” I can’t say I’ve ever actually eaten Pork Rinds. 😉

Do it Yourself Lard

Strain and save the fat from cooked bacon in a jar in the fridge. That is pure lard: rendered pork fat. Use this in place of oil for sauteing, and when cooking things like fried eggs.

Do it Yourself Suet

Substitute beef trimmings and you get suet (rather than lard), which you can use if your kosher. Remember how tasty the original McDonald’s french fries were? They used beef suet for their oil which vegetarians went crazy about and eventually McDonalds was forced to switch to vegetable oil.

The same thing can be done with chicken skins, too. “Mmmmm crispy chicken skins!”

It all sounds sorta gross to me, but I don’t go in for eating pig skin eater. People that do, love it.