How to Instantly Lose Weight

When You Want it Yesterday

Everyone gets into the “need result now” mind frame. I’ve been known to decide I’m going to get in better shape and I’m checking for results before 12 hours have passed – LOL. No joke. I review my goals morning and night, and when I do it’s like I’m saying, “Okay, where’s the magic?” “When does the money flow, when does the perfect body appear?” I want it now.

That’s why I think it’s important to make a lifestyle change – that way every waking moment isn’t spent waiting for a result, but rather, the result is a happy by-product, something that simply occurs once you start doing things a little differently. Enjoyable work produces a better income, and enjoyable eating and exercise produces a healthier body and mind.

So, even though you’ve “always been fat” you are no longer that same person. Whenever you start running that pattern in your head, “I’ve always been fat …” stop and say, “Until now. Now, I’m healthier and happier and smarter and prettier, and …” Just start saying nice things to yourself. Do this often enough and you can end the repeating “I’m a fat person” thoughts and change them to “I’m a healthy person,” or whatever is your prefered image.

Many folks who were fat for a large part of their lives have a difficult time seeing themselves differently, so once they lose the weight their unconscious just helps them get back to “who they really are.” You can stop this from happening by doing the above. Change how you perceive yourself (because you have changed) and see what happens.