How to Enjoy a Holiday Indulgence & Not Gain Weight

Surviving the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Holidays are here! Great joy. Days of anticipation and foods bought and left waiting are soon to be consumed. I’m giddy with delight and I hope you are as well. Holidays are not an excuse to go crazy, but they are also not a time to cause yourself distress.

My holiday Rules For Eating, Enjoying and Not Gaining Weight

  • Enjoy yourself. This is critical.
  • Eat what looks wonderful, pass on the ordinary. In other words, choose homemade (if you have a choice).
  • Take the time to enjoy the food. Try to determine what, if anything, is especially good to you? You might gain some insight into why particular foods call to you.
  • Use EFT all day – quietly tap the karate point when you feel stress, and say to yourself, “Even though I’m getting annoyed with Uncle Charlie, I deeply and completely accept myself.” It will quietly calm you.
  • Smile all day like you know a secret. People will go crazy trying to figure out what’s “different” about you.

Use EFT before you eat for any worries and concerns, and after you eat for any guilt or bad feelings. There is no need to feel guilty for eating and enjoying yourself.

EFT for the Holidays

If you have “issues” surrounding holidays, then tap like crazy on that. “Even though I hate the holidays, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though everyone has somewhere to go but me, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I couldn’t afford to buy nice presents, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

This is the time to reflect on the year gone by and look toward the new.