My Son Won the Good Eater Award

Good Eater Award

I have a small, yellow award banner, like what’d you’d win in second grade, that says “Good Eater Award.” I named my website, OneMoreBite, after my theory that when children are small we’re constantly trying to get them to start eating, “Come on honey, just one more bite. It’s so yummy. What a good eater you are!” Then later we are doing everything we can to get them to stop. “No you can’t have another cookie, you’re getting too fat!”

It can be difficult to break the good/bad habit surrounding what we eat. If you catch yourself saying “I shouldn’t eat that, I’m trying to be good,” remember you’re not 5-years old anymore. You’re an adult. What you eat doesn’t make you a good or bad person.

Giving yourself permission to have a treat is about nourishing yourself. It’s okay to be kind to yourself today. Give it a go and let me know what happens.