Getting it Out-of-Your System Eating

Face it. You’re never gonna get it out of your system. I once tried to eat myself sick of plain M&Ms; hoping it would cure me of my fondness for them. Didn’t work. I ate so many I didn’t want anymore; couldn’t force myself to eat anymore, but never came anywhere close to sick. I once ate a whole jar of bread-and-butter pickles when I was a child and couldn’t eat them again for years after, but it just didn’t work with the M&M’s. Damn, those melt in your mouth, not in your hand candies!

I quit smoking and substituted M&Ms mixed in with salted mixed nuts. A lethal mix. No kidding, it should be against the law to eat that mix. Why the M&M’s company doesn’t sell their candies mixed with salted nuts, I’ll never know because once you try it, you’re hooked. (Trust me, just do not try it or you’ll be very sorry and hate me forever).

I gained 15 pounds eating a few pounds of this mix a week. It was much more difficult to kick the M&Ms and mixed nuts habit than the smoking. Much harder. I’m dead serious.

I still look adoringly at that alluring deep chocolate brown wrapper – it’s been over 20 years since I gave that mix up and I still want it. Luckily for me they’ve been screwing around with the color of the packaging and I simply do not find those pastel colors appealing in the least. It’s not what’s inside, it’s the color of the package that gets me.

Why I Love Fire Engines

I’m also strangely attracted to fire engine red. Don’t know why, but it’s true. I once couldn’t take my eyes off a passing truck to the point I feared for my own safety – like a young man ogling a tempting lass, I could not pry my eyes from that red truck. Weird.

I’d go get some nuts and mix it some M&M’s except for one thing: fear. I’m terrified I’ll never be able to stop. I advocate eating what you truly love but there are limits and there are some things over which you may have no control. Facing those facts is a good thing. Deciding you have no control over any food though is silly. You can’t love everything like I love fire engine red or deep chocolate plain M&M’s wrappers. It’s true love, not just lust.