Free Pepsi – $10 Rebate

Act fast and you can get $10 for Pepsi products. Deal expires 7/23/05

If you get Pepsi anyway, this is a neat deal to save some money because soft drinks are expensive! Think about it: if you drink only one soft drink a day, and you buy at a convenience store for instance, you’re probably paying more than $1 every single day for that lousy drink. That’s $365 a year, folks! Doesn’t that seem a tad high?

No wonder everyone thinks they’re broke all the time.

My trick? Get flavors such as Root Beer or Cherry, and sweetener of your choice (I like Stevia), then add to ordinary water, and you get all but the fizz for pennies a day, rather than dollars. Think of what you could do with all that extra cash?

Meanwhile, go get that $10 rebate Pepsi’s offering, quick now, cause the deal expires soon. Just print out the coupon (it’s in the PDF format), follow directions and then deposit that check.

Clue: If you provide your phone number, they do have the right to call, even if you are on the Do Not Call list. That’s the way the DNC list works. Vendors have the right to call you, despite being on the list, if you contact them for information. I believe they can contact you up to 90 days. In the case of a company such as Pepsi, I wouldn’t worry about it. Not likely Pepsi’s going to be calling you up to see if you liked the new Diet Pepsi with Lime.