Fast Food Cannot be Part of Healthy Diet Says New Study

Is Fast Food Okay Sometimes?

To hear the fast food industry tell it, you can eat McDonalds every day and be perfectly healthy. I disagree with that, but you certainly can eat fast food occasionally and still lose weight. I love burgers and fries. today reported that, “frequent fast food consumption cannot be part of a healthful diet, despite claims to the contrary by the food industry,” according to Dr. David Ludwig, director of the obesity program at Children’s Hospital Boston and senior author of a recent study

In response the National Restaurant Association said it could not respond to the study without knowing more details, and then submitted a statement saying, “Dietary experts agree that all foods can be part of a healthy diet — foods that are readily available in varying portion sizes on all types of restaurant menus.” Well what else would they say?

The No. 1 vegetable kids eat are french fries, with ketchup (tomato candy) the close second. That’s not good.